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Raalte, 21 agosto 2015

At the age of 25, Max Middelbosch bought, together with his wife Ans, his first Harley-Davidson.
It was an 'Electra Glide', which he liked because of its style, sound and character.
Together they started riding through Europe, many times to destinations in far communist east.
And a lifelong passion was born.

At this point the collection exist of about 150 American motorcycles, mostly Harley-Davidson and Indian.
The American motorcycle which is still produced and was produced the most, is Harley-Davidson, so this motorcycle is best precented in the collection. but motorcycles such as Ace, Excelsior, Henderson, Thor, Rikuo, Super X and Mabeco are also exhibited in the museum.
The museum gives an overview of American motorcycles produced between the beginning of 1900 to the 1980's.

That Max Middelbosch has a unique collection, shows from the fact that a big part of his collection was exhibited on the European 'Open Road Tour' in 2003. The event was organized for the 100th birthday of the Harley-Davidson Motor company.

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